Wedding Seizures, Incontinence and Going Keto (Kicking and Screaming…)



Friday is a big day (for me, anyway).  I’m elated as I type this:  I have been seizure free for (almost) one whole year!!  365 days ago, I wasn’t even willing to hope for this.  But as of Friday, it’ll be in the books.

This personal victory has come at some sacrifice, which as it turns out, hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing.


One of the stipulations of being legally able to drive with epilepsy (it varies with severity and from state-to-state) is a mandatory check-in with the doctor every 3 months.  Our doc is one of our all-time favorites (second only to Dear He-Man aka: Doctor Dad) and I trust his judgment.  I went into this accepting that if he felt I was unsafe to drive at anytime, I’d hang my keys up for a while.  It would be really inconvenient but I would figure out a way to go with it.

At this particular check-in, he mentioned the ‘Keto’ Diet and explained how it changes your metabolism and shifts your body into ketosis….

At this point, I ought to point out my hesitation.  I’ve heard of ketosis before.  It’s what happened to each member of the Donner party as they starved to death.  Yeah…ketosis didn’t go so well for them.  Not to mention, when is it ever a good idea to do something because everyone else is doing it?  I mean, I’d be, like, a Kardashian or something.

After chatting though, I decided to give it a try.  But then I got hungry on the way home and ordered french fries for lunch.  

A couple of months and several suggestions from various loved ones later, my best-sister-friend and I were visiting.  She mentioned this regimen called ‘Keto’ for my epilepsy.  AGAIN.  (Apparently, it was an effective treatment for epileptics during the turn of the 20th Century.  With the advent of medications however, the treatment became less advised.)

I started to suspect someone was trying to tell me something.  

I pushed it out of my mind because I had a wedding to help with and I didn’t have time to think about it.  More specifically, my baby brother was getting married.  Since our parents live out of the country and both the bride and groom were from out-of-state, I was tasked with preparing all the food for the reception.  

The plan was going along splendidly until the day arrived.  I had an aura in the morning, then another a few hours later.  A seizure was coming.  The timing was terrible.  I was about to meet my brother’s new in-laws.  (Nothing makes a better impression than incontinence and a large amount of drooling, right?)  AND I had a house full of perishables intended for the masses to scarf down during the wedding fervor.  

What was supposed to be the perfect day fawning over my baby brother and his lovely bride, ended up being a blur.  Anyone who’s experienced auras knows they mess with your mind, your body, everything, so faking normalcy is tricky.  For me personally, it takes a couple of minutes for reality to become distinguishable again.  

Gratefully, I do remember this perfect moment:  It was the first time my brothers and I have been in the same place, let alone state/country in longer than I can remember.  (And no.  I didn’t even bother with my hair that day.  I was barely keeping to together as it was.)

IMG_6169 (2).JPG

With the wedding and reception over, all that was left was to enjoy a lovely family dinner.  Actually, not so much.  The Great and Powerful He-Man is wise and knows a thing or two about this sort of stuff.  He put me to bed at 4:00 pm.  When I awoke 16 hours later, (no seizure in between!!) I was determined to take the Keto plunge.

So here I am, many moons later.  My belly is full of cheese, heavy cream, broccoli and just about every green vegetable imaginable (Expect for peas.  Ironically, no peas for me.)  And my brain is fueled by all sort of creamy fats and nutty butters.

AND, strangely enough, I immediately lost four pounds. (Yeah!  Like, totally, a Kardashian?)

Unfortunately, I really, REALLY miss bananas.  And fruit.  And smoothies.  And candy.  Oh..and corn, chips and potatoes of all kinds.

BUT the important thing is this:  NO SEIZURES…NOT EVEN ONE, SINGLE AURA!

Growing up, I often heard the phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”  I have strong feelings about such a ridiculous statement.  Clearly, whomever coined this was a glutton for punishment and probably had a personal vendetta toward puppies and bubbles and all happy things.

However, I just might have to admit that there may be nothing that tastes quite as good as being seizure-free feels.  I’m still in the trenches of field research.  I’ll letcha know…

Cheers, everyone!  Thanks for helping me get through this one!





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  1. Pam says:

    I just love you. That is all.

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