’31 Days’: The Ridiculous Pillow Fight and 5 Delicious (???) Things…

Day 16:  Taste 5 things none of you have ever tried before and experience them for the first time together.


Day 17:  Do something ridiculous and spontaneous.

Since Saturday turned out to be a very busy day, I didn’t take much thought into Day 16’s challenge so we sorta took a day off.  This meant we combined the two today.

We headed off to Trader Joe’s and pick five things none of us has every tried.  This proved to be a bit trickier than you’d think because one of us hates coconut with the fire of a thousand suns.

This is what we came up with:


  1.  White Stilton with mango and ginger:  General consensus-confusion.  Most of the people who tried out couldn’t figure out if they liked it or not.
  2.   Freeze dried Okra:  General consensus-surprisingly positive.  I’ve already decided it’s the official vegetable of Jabba the Hut but somehow, it’s strangely delicious.  And the slimy texture makes it amazing when it’s caramelized.  These were good.  Even the kids agreed.
  3. Watermelon Cucumber Cooler:  General consensus-100% satisfied.  It was refreshing and light so no yucky Kool-Aid effect.  Two thumbs up, even from the adults.
  4. Shrimp Toast:  General consensus-50/50.  Some loved it, some hated it.  I think the look on LuLu’s face summed it up nicely for a few.


5. Chocolate covered Mango Sorbet:  Gobbled up.  No vote needed.  And I don’t even like mango.

Of course, this was preceded by an epic pillow fight with our neighbors.  We were delighted they came to play considering we gave them a 10 minute warning.

 Good grief, we love our neighbors!

The night ended beautifully.  It rained earlier in the afternoon so the air was cool and fresh, a perfect night for a sunset bike ride…


Now that’s what I’d say is a day well done.


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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere. I hope you like it here. This blog is where I ramble about the hats I wear (wife, mother, author, educator, etc) and everything in between. A wise man once said 'Happiness is a habit; cultivate it'. Here on this blog, I intend to do just that.
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