31 Days: Day 11 & Late Night Shenanigans…

Day 11:  Find yourself a mountain to view the full moon.  Don’t forget to howl at it.

After a trip to the dentist (YAY!  No cavities for any of us!), a day of sightseeing and an evening pool party, most of the kids headed of to bed, disinterested in making the day last any longer.  Not us!  The night was still young…just like us–okay, yeah, that’s a stretch.

Anyway, He-Man, She-Ra (one of my favorite sisters), Miss Bee and I sneaked out of the house all edgy-like…you know, like we were 16 again.  Okay, some of us are still 16 but you know what I mean…


This is us, being edgy.

We found a hidden treasure of a hike, tucked away where it’s easy to miss, and reached for the stars.  It was a crystal clear night, the sounds of crickets and running water all around us.

This would be a terrible time to discuss our fears of clowns with chainsaws, random creepers hiding in the forest and angry podiatrists since we could only see a meter or two ahead of us.  But we did anyway.

It went without a hitch though and we made it to the waterfall.  We could barely see it in the dark but it was still magical.

And of course, we howled at our moon.  And some of us made out a little.

And the view on the way down was pretty spectacular.  This super lame picture just doesn’t do it all justice.


It’s nights like these that make me realize I’m falling in love with SLC all over again.


He-Man likes this sign for it’s ‘Ghostbusters’ reference.  Rest assured, we didn’t and yes, Gozer the Gozerian remains vanquished.




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