31 Days: Day 8

Day 8:  Head South.

We went on quite an adventure today.  But before we left I made a rather disgusting discovery…

Dried pudding reconstituted with running sweat is even grosser than the first time it was shoved into my ear.

2017-07-08 09.15.56

Once we all took our second post-pudding showers, we headed due south to the Payson Scottish Festival since He-Man, along with several of his manly brothers, are quite fond of their wool skirts.

It was fun…and HOT.  98 blistering degrees.  BUT the second discovery  I made today is that having Scottish blood is serious business.  They’re not gonna let something little, like the risk of heat stroke, keep them from their Highland games, playing the bagpipes in their full tartans and wrestling with kids while wearing full blown body armor.

Third discovery:  Haggis is gross.  And gratefully, not gluten-free.

Awwww, shucks.  I guess I’ll have to pass on that one.

But someday, when we’re millionaires, I think I’ll buy a food truck that serves fair food.  Specifically twisted taters.  Because, YUM.

2017-07-08 13.18.50Once we were sufficiently fried, we headed for the hills in search of the legend Payson Grotto…

Found it!  And it didn’t disappoint!

After coming down from the mountain, we stopped for a dinner date with some of our favorites…although, it’s pretty clear food wasn’t the first thing on some of our minds.

I think this might be my favorite day so far.


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