31 Days…Take 3!!

Almost exactly a year ago, we were anticipating the arrival of our French Foreign Exchange Student.  She would be staying with us for a month.  Little did any of us know the joy and friendship that would come from making that decision.

Miss Bee immediately connected with each member of our family and by the end of the month, we were heartbroken to send her back to Paris.

We had no idea some of us would get to see her again, IN PARIS, 9 months later AND meet the rest of her amazing family.

As Sunshine’s and my recent trip came to an end, the two families were seriously floating the idea of Miss Bee taking another trip out here…

She gets here Saturday!

So to celebrate and since our ‘31 Days Where You Are‘ Challenge has worked so well for us, we’re doing it again.

We’re keeping some of our old, familiar challenges but adding some new ones too.  And since this blog gives the Bees regular updates on our adventures,  here’s to the fun!

Day 1:  Re-introductions and a little bit of Bubble Blood…

Day 2:  Take a hike and find the sunset.

Day 3:  Learn/try something new.

Day 4:  Find fire in the sky.

Day 5:  Create something like never before.

Day 6:  Take a screen free day (except for recording devices) and see what ‘trouble’ you can get into.

Day 7:  Pudding, of course!

Day 8:  Head South.

Day 9:  Commit 3 random acts of kindness.

Day 10:  Eat dessert for dinner.

Day 11:  Find yourself a mountain to view the full moon.  Don’t forget to howl at it.

Day 12:  Explore a local haunt and discover something new.

Day 13:  Just like last time, exchange 5 new songs…This one is our favorite from last year and reminds us of Miss Bee every time we hear it!

Day 14:  Celebrate Bastille in a big way!

Day 15:  Head due North.

Day 16:  Taste 5 things none of you have ever tried before and experience them for the first time together.

Day 17:  Do something ridiculous and spontaneous.

Day 18:  Indulge in a new delight.

Day 19:  Make a memory.  Find a quirky keepsake of it.

Day 20:  Stay outside long enough to enjoy the candle light and singing bugs.

Day 21:  Make a fancy breakfast and say ‘See you later…’ not ‘Goodbye’.

Day 22:  Watch the movie ‘Midnight in Paris‘.

Day 23:  Take a nap outside.

Day 24:  In honor of Pioneer Day in Utah, discover something new about an ancestor.

Day 25:  Serve someone in the community.

Day 26:  Patronize a local ‘Mom and Pop Shop’.

Day 27:  Light tealights and candles, go barefoot and spend the evening playing to Van Morrison and Ray LaMontagne.

Day 28:  Call or visit someone you haven’t talked to in forever.  Tell them you love them.

Day 29:  Visit a local farmer’s market, fill up your basket and feast upon the abundance.

Day 30:  Take a picture of a kiss.

Day 31:  Write a letter to yourself to open 1 year from today.

As always, ya’ll are welcome to join us.

Stay tuned for our adventures and Happy July 2017!


Versaillles #12

Three of my very favorite teenagers, two of which, I get to spend the next month with!






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