CGME: The Good News, the Better News and Probably TMI…

Chronicling this particular experience has proven more difficult than I thought.  The emotion involved with putting such a thing out there is pretty intense.  Since I’ve made it my life’s mission to keep on the Sunny Side, it’s hard to admit it when I can’t.


I do have some good news.

Firstly, THANK YOU for all the kind words, emails, private messages and prayers.  I am so SO sorry for leaving those concerned hanging after my last post.  When I do experience those freaky auras, there is a bit of a recovery involved.  I tend to lose my ability to spell properly.  And oddly enough, I also lose words when I form sentences both when I write and as I speak.  It’s weird but fairly normal, apparently.  Add to that a crazy week and before I knew it, 9 days passed!  So please forgive me for the lapse.

Now, the good news…


This means I haven’t established a pattern of seizures AND if I continue to recover from the last one, I’ll be driving with wild abandon in no time at all.

The better news?  (This is where the TMI comes in..)

After having about a dozen auras on those particular days there is little doubt in my mind these episodes aren’t related to hormones.

Oddly enough, there is actually a particular type of epilepsy that goes with these symptoms.  It’s called Catamenial epilepsy.  And while the mystery is far from solved we have something to go on.

Which led to more tests and the assurance that my uterus and ovaries look like a uterus and ovaries should look…even if they are a little old and fairly pulverized by babies.  7 pregnancies will do that.

Waaaaaaaay worth it though.  (Thanks for the perspective, guys.)

Now, we have options.  And there is a possibility of going with a medication that’s less intense that may fix the problem without anti-seizure meds.  (because they’re kind of scary.)

So there’s that.  We have some direction and that’s pretty good news.


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