Chronicles of a Grounded (Maybe) Epileptic: The First Weekend

Most Saturdays begin early for me.  That’s how I like them.  There is something about a run at sunrise on the weekend.  It means the ‘off day’ is full of possibility.  Then I’d come home and our kids would be demolishing the stack of flapjacks He-Man made.

Since the weather decided to be Winter and my favorite path is several miles away, I’ve been hitting the gym but Saturday was the first time I had to be reliant upon someone else to get me there.

The downside:  It was noon before I finished my workout.

The upside?  I got to witness, first hand, the copious amounts of powdered sugar, syrup and Nutella our children top their pancakes with…no wonder we go through jars of Nutella in short order.

It was weird to finish exercising and find myself waiting for my ride.  Usually, I’m going from one place to another with very little time to spare.

Instead, Netflix.

Does anyone else binge watch historical documentaries?  This series is riveting:

‘The Eighties’ created by CNN.

When I had an errand to run that evening Sunshine was the chauffeur.  I think when doctors tell Epileptics to reduce their level of stress, they probably aren’t considering the ones who are teaching 15 year-olds to drive.

It was a pretty harrowing ordeal for both of us because I have no poker face and she’s got a penchant for not noticing stop signs.  It’s was a good laugh for both of us though…which relieves stress…so it all cancels out, right?

Sunday was bliss.  I love going to church.  Love it.  It brings me peace.  And since neither He-Man or I had meetings, we asked the kids what they wanted to do.  Their answer?

Why, LIMBO of course!  And play an eternal game of Uno…and teach the Youngers how to img_7784play ‘Down By The Banks’.




As the kids snuggled in their beds, we dived into our serious reading…Chapter 41 of ‘Jesus the Christ’ by James E. Talmage and this…

The prescription guide to the medication my neurologist gave me.  It’s the longest one I’ve ever seen.


Is it a little odd that some of the possible side effects include seizures, brain fog and memory loss?


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