Day 31 and Conversations Miss Bee was Probably Never Expecting…

Day 31:  Write a letter. Slap some postage on it and actually send it in the mail.

There’s a half an hour left in the month and I’m determined to complete my ’31 Days’ mission.  Miss Bee, Florence, keep your eyes peeled.  These are coming your way!


IMG_7223It’s been a good run.  I’m so glad we did this because we’ve made many wonderful memories this month.   We’re still missing our friends.  In fact, the first thing three of our children said Saturday morning was something about missing Bee.  And today, Bunny mentioned it again.  It did my heart good to see the text she sent Sunshine though…searching for Pokemon…in PARIS.  True story.

He-Man and I often marveled at how Miss Bee and Hobbes seemed to instantly connect.  They are obviously kindred spirits.  They just got each other.  I think we figured out why:  We’re a bunch of Crazies.  Spend enough time with us and you’ll embrace it like it’s normal.  I’m pretty sure Bee and Hobbes are new enough to the family to still be wondering how the heck they landed where they did.  download_20160725_204255

That got me thinking, she probably wasn’t expecting many of the conversations that went on in our zoo.  While she handle it with grace and impeccable dignity, she may or may not have witness the following situations…

Like when we had to explain to Calvin, more than once a week, why being completely naked in front of guests is not polite.

Or that yes, it is possible to do six loads of laundry in a single day and STILL have more to do.

A freshly cleaned and vacuumed car can actually be completely destroyed in one outing and when mom says, ‘The kids are NEVER eating in the car AGAIN’, she really doesn’t mean it.

Our dinner time rules were often reviewed.  Especially the one warning our eaters that if they chose to burp, fart or pick their noses at the table, they would not get to sit beside our guest.

The kids also needed to be reminded that a gigantic man-eating spider the size of my pinkie fingernail hanging out in the corner DOES NOT exempt you from cleaning your bathroom ESPECIALLY after the epic bloody nose that left it looking like a crime scene.  (I’m still mortified by that one)

Toilet water is never, EVER used to wet your sister’s toothbrush.

And NO, toothpaste is not your afternoon snack.

We always go to the bathroom WITH THE DOOR CLOSED.

And peeing off the deck is not appropriate.

And last but certainly not least, six people can literally be talking to one person at the same time and that person can actually follow every single one of the conversations.

Yes, it’s crazy but it’s my crazy and I love it and I’m so glad we got to share it.  Happy July, Miss Bee.  We miss you already.  Here’s to being together in Paris during Springtime.  

Love, The Funny Farm





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