Day 30…The Hardest One Yet.

Day 30:  Acquire a unique souvenir to commemorate this month’s adventures.

‘Goodbyes’ are much harder than ‘hellos’.  Living in several places means our kids are getting pretty good at it.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard.

Today was the day to bid Miss Bee farewell.  But before, we wanted to show her one more special place.  We took her to Gardner Village.  We tasted homemade caramel, sat and ate by a pond filled with koi, then gave Miss Bee a unique souvenir: a fairy kiss.  This is a tradition for our family.  Every time we go to GV, we get ourselves kissed by a fairy.  The sparkle brings out our eyes.


Then is was off to the airport for tough part.  We were all doing fine until one person started to cry.  Then it was all over.  The kids were heartbroken to say ‘goodbye’ to someone we’ve decided will be a forever friend.

As I was buckling Calvin in, he scowled and said, “I don’t not want Miss Bee to go away”.

IMG_7159 (2)

As we drove away Bunny, who is the one who takes these moments the hardest, decided she would rather have to say goodbye to a loved one rather than to have never known them in the first place.  That’s a big step for her.  When we moved away from Neverland and her best friend who lived next door, she hadn’t come to that conclusion.

Saying ‘farewell’ is for the birds and is totally lame.





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