Days 25&27

Day 25:  Discover a local museum.

Today we went to the BYU art museum.  I used to come here during my college years when I just needed to disconnect from everything.  There was a particular painting of a forest scene.  The way the artist created the sunlight piercing through the leaves felt so real.  I’m sure if I were to touch the painting it would be warm.  Then I’d be hauled off in handcuffs or something.

A trip seemed perfect today…

Here’s the crew contemplating the artwork from ‘Branding the American West’.

We also stopped for a truly American treat.  A&W Root Beer.  Ms. Bee had never even heard of it…

The evening ended in the most lovely, laid back way possible.  Florence made us galette, a tradition dinner dish from Brittany.  We sat around the kitchen table and talked for a while.  It was awesome and made me want to move to the French countryside, like, yesterday.


Day 27: Introduce each other to your top ten favorite songs.

This was one of my favorite challenges.  We love music.  Very few days go by without music playing in the background somewhere in our house.  The best part is we love almost every kind.  We’ve got a very eclectic mix.  We asked the kids to pick one song to share with Ms. Bee.  She, in turn, picked 10 of her favorites.  Here’s our playlists:

He-Man:  ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’-Aaron Copland

Trish: ‘Hold on Tight’-Greg Holden

Sunshine: ‘Say Hey.  I Love You’-Michael Franti

Bunny:  ‘Rhythm of Love’-The Plain White Ts

LuLu:  ‘Fight Song’-Rachel Platten

Ruby:  ‘Glorious’-Stephanie Mabey

Calvin: ‘When Can I See You Again’-Owl City

Hobbes:  ‘Big Heart’-Frances England

We also have a favorite anthem our family always rocks out too.  ‘Shut Up and Dance‘ by Walk the Moon is awesome.  Yeah, it may have been ridiculously over played last year but it is still awesome.  Do you know what makes it even better?  Singing it in German…which He-Man does every time.


As for Ms. Bee’s mix.  It’s awesome.  She has fabulous taste.  I’ve listened to this song by Kygo a half dozen times.  It’s so so great!

1 : On écrit Sur les Murs – Kids United
2 : Stole the Show – Kygo
3 : Vole – Celine Dion
4 : Je Ne Suis Pas un Héros – Daniel Balavoine
5 : Relax, Take it Easy – Mika
6 : Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake
7 :Heroes – Alesso
8 : This One’s For You – David guetta
9 : Diamonds – Josef Salvat
10 : Viva la Vida – Coldplay
11 : Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

So what’s your soundtrack?









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