Days 5&6

Day 5:  Visit a local cemetery and place flowers on some of the graves.

Day 6:  Do something really nice for someone.

We missed yesterday because we were all a bit pooped from the festivities of the night before so we combined the last two days for today.

I took Ms. Bee and the girls to a local cemetery to put flowers on the gravestones of a few of our pioneer ancestors.  I figured this would be appropriate because she and Sunshine will be participating in an reenactment for our church.  This is done in an effort to help the youth of today appreciate the sacrifices made by those who came before.

When we arrived, I showed them one of our family plots and pointed out a particular detail.  The couple was buried next to five of their children.  All of them were under 9 months when they died.  This has always amazed me.  I can’t quite comprehend how those two were able to put one foot in front of the other after losing one…much less FIVE.

We laid flowers on the graves and talked more about this family.  As we packed back in to the car, Bunny looked at me, sighed and said, ‘I feel really bad.’

‘I know!  It’s devastating, isn’t it.’ I said.

‘Yes, but that’s not what I was talking about.’ replied Bunny.  ‘I was talking about the family buried right next to them.’

‘Oh.’ I said.  ‘Why do you feel bad?’

‘Well,’ she responded.  ‘Their last name is Butts.  That’s unfortunate, don’t you think?’


As for Day 6, this seems very easy for Ms. Bee.  She is a very kind, gentle soul and the kids all love her.  She did something particularly generous for Bunny.  She bought her cute Eiffel Tower earrings for her birthday.  Bunny immediately put them in her ears.  It was such a sweet gesture!



On the way home from the cemetery, we stopped for custard.  While there, Hobbes snuggled right into Bee’s lap and was perfectly content there.


She is fitting right in!






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