You Could Know



There are people who come into our lives and make us better for knowing them.  Their very nature causes us to soften and see the good in this world.  Somehow, they see us not as we think we are but who God knows we are AND what we can become.  Like Superman had X-Ray vision, these people have the vision to accept and love us even when we can’t quite love ourselves.  It’s a Superpower really.  It’s a precious gift 100 times better than X-ray eyes.

David has always been a superhero in that way.  Those of us who grew up with him could feel it.  Even when we were very young, we all seemed to know we were blessed to be connected to him in one way or another.

While we all hoped he would grace this world with that influence forever, in the back of our minds we knew he couldn’t.  His body, ravaged by the effects of severe Epilepsy, would someday surrender to its violence.


None of us expected Someday to be May 7, 2016.  The day before Mother’s Day.

His sister, one of my dearest friends on the planet, had the task of informing close family and friends before making it publicly known on social media.  I imagine each text and phone call was another punch in the gut.  Yet, she did it in an effort to soften the blow to those who love him.

David has been in my thoughts this week as I’ve tried to come up words to honor him.  After several attempts, here is my offering.  I wish you all could have known him.

You Could Know

If David smiled at you, you could know you still had at least one friend in this world.

If he told you a joke you could know there was still something to laugh about.

If David hugged you, you could know it was all going to be okay.

If he whispered a secret in your ear, you could know it was important and you’d better listen up.

If David giggled at your jokes, you could know someone was still listening to you. 

If David invited you, you could know you’d have the time of your life.

If he grabbed your hand when you walked through the door, you could know he was going to take you on an adventure.

If David wanted to come, you could know it was an honor to have him there. 

If he could make it through the school day, you could know, quite simply, that could you too.

If David was with you, you could know everyone would speak more kindly, act a little nicer and be a little better.  

If it was time for David to leave this mortal existence and surrender that body never big enough for his spirit, you could know there was something bigger for him to look forward to.

If David taught you anything in this life, it was so others could know too.

So get to work.








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