Happy Anniversary. Sorry For the Smell.

I had it all planned out.  Breakfast in bed, surprise romantic texts all day long…it was going to be a magical day.

We were going to enjoy a candlelight dinner with roses and chocolate covered strawberries.  The house was going to be spotless.  The kids were going to be well fed and tuckered out so when He-Man got home, we could enjoy a leisurely dinner, drinking from goblets.  I, of course, would be wearing something sparkly.  (Those who know me know this would include as many sequins as humanly possible.) The scene would be hazy.  We would laugh at each other’s jokes and smile coyly.  We would lean in, our lips would pucker then the screen would fade to black…

It didn’t exactly work out that way.

The day started with Calvin overfeeding the fish by about a half a jar.  By afternoon a few of them were swimming sideways and one was being hacked to death by the other fishes to the amazement of our horrified children.  By night fall, two more were being cannibalized.  It was like an underwater ‘Walking Dead’.


I was running late when I realized I had forgotten a few dinner ingredients and also had to run to the post office but I wasn’t that behind.  Once I did those things, everything would be golden.  Right?  Walking in, I noticed the sign on the door:  ‘Due to an unexpected absence, lines will be longer than normal’.  “That’s okay.” I thought.  “It shouldn’t be  that much longer…It took an hour.

We also currently have a potty trainer.  He’s the ‘Go BIG or Go Home’ type.  He exploded the bathroom.  The kind that takes at least an hour to clean up.

Another child had a meltdown over the laundry.  One lost her dollar.  Then Trogdor burninated the carefully constructed Lego village on the dining room table.

By the time He-Man made it home, I was hiding in the pantry with a box of chocolates.  He took that as a cue and took over.  We finally had dinner at 7:30 surrounded by our very hungry Littles.  There may not have been any dimly lit conversations, goblets or chocolate covered strawberries but the conversation was lively.  The laundry issue was corrected, the missing dollar found and Trogdor is doing his best to reform.

It’s wasn’t the most romantic day ever but when it comes down to it, there’s no one I’d rather have those nothing-worked -out-the-way-I-planned kind of days with.  Besides, not every anniversary is going to be spent eating baguettes and cheese under an awning in Paris.  Right?

Life is beautiful.  The bathroom still smells funky but there’s no where else I want to be.

Chris and Trish's Most Excellent European Vacation May 2000 #59

Frankfurt, Germany 2000


Tillamook, Oregon 2005


2nd annual Duncan 4th of July pudding fight 7.4.12 #53

Annual Pudding Fight 2011


Chris and Trish Totally 80s #1

‘I love the 80s’






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