Beautiful Things: THIS is Why I Blog…

When I began writing this blog, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.  After a couple of years, I realized I needed to find a purpose and quickly discovered what it was.  But first…

What it’s not:

I don’t care to debate.  I’m lousy with that kind of stuff anyway.  It’s certainly not a scrap booking, gourmet cooking or gardening blog either because my projects are a hodge podge of passes and fails (embarrassing ones at that).

My blog is to spread cheer.

Perhaps I can be accused of making it self centered.  That might be true, but one thing I know how to do is to take what I know and make it happy.  There are many things in this world that will automatically bring people down.  Believe me.  I know this.  There are several heartbreaks our family is dealing with right now.  We are determined to rise above them though.  THIS is one of the ways I am personally doing just that.

Last week, I received mail from someone who is doing the same thing in her own little corner of New England.  She sent me a letter written with a quill and ink.  She encouraged me in my writing and made my day brighter.  She shared her gift and made my world a little more joyful that day.  IMG_1415

It reminded me of a simple truth:  When we connect in such ways, we are binding our hearts and efforts together.  We are getting stronger and we are making the world happier.

So wanna jump on the bandwagon?

Here’s your challenge: Send a love letter this week.  See what happens.  I dare youIMG_1414.  Spray it with perfume and tell someone how perfectly marvelous they are. If it’s romantic, add a lipstick kiss.  Do this ESPECIALLY if you’re male.  That would make it even more awesome.


Then look around you and notice:  we’re everywhere and we’re determined.  Join us happy folk.  We have cookies.  And cupcakes….and killer cinnamon rolls.

And someday, we’re gonna take over the world.

And it will be a beautiful thing!


About T.D.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere. I hope you like it here. This blog is where I ramble about the hats I wear (wife, mother, author, educator, etc) and everything in between. A wise man once said 'Happiness is a habit; cultivate it'. Here on this blog, I intend to do just that.
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