Memory Monday: Things That Go ‘Shut-Up’ in the Night…

You know those scary things from your childhood?  The ones that no matter how ridiculous or campy, freak the snot out of you?

Tonight, my girls and I were talking about one of those things.

My family loved watching ‘The Twilight Zone’ reboot from the 80’s.  I specifically remember a handful of them.  Whether the episode was about a vampire that made people sneeze or a deserted futuristic planet Earth haunted by a bunch of ghosts, they all left an impression.

None more so than this one.


It was about a frazzled mother (Ralphie’s mom in another life) who acquired a mysterious gift…a shiny new necklace.  The coolish thing about the necklace is that whenever the words “shut up” escaped her lips, the whole wide world froze until she said, “Start talking.”

It began innocently enough with a cage match for Coco Puffs in the grocery store and literally ended with nuclear holocaust…well, actually the moment before the end of the world.  The last scene is of Ralphie’s mom freezing time as she and others gaze up at the nuclear warhead paused right above their heads.

TZ 2

Pretty unnerving for all of us who grew up during the final years of the Cold War.

***End of Spoilers***

The girls were captivated by my retelling of the story.  Except for LuLu.  She was incensed by my use of the words ‘shut up’.   The inevitable concerned questions followed…’What if she were to climb up on the roof of the building and take down the warhead and put it away from people?”  OR  “What if she spent the next few years gathering up the bombs and putting them in the ocean?”  AND “What if she just carried her family away from the bomb?”

That made me chuckle a bit.  Not the nuclear holocaust.  That’s not funny but the questions my kids were asking were hilarious.  Those were exactly the questions that kept me up at night for weeks.  Happy Memory Monday, ya’ll!

TZ 1

Yeah…looks pretty realistic, huh? That image was pretty much nightmare inducing.


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