Journey to The Dork Side Part II: 10 Things THE Doctor Taught Me…

10. Human sized Baked Potatoes are frighteningly blood thirsty and extremely condescending


9.  By sea or by space, it never bodes well for you when you’re on the board the ‘Titanic’.  Just ask Leo…and Kylie Minogue.

Dr. Who Kylie minogue

8.  In reality, Martians are really, REALLY scary.  (So scary, I’m using only a thumbnail photo because I kinda wanna pee my pants and never drink water again.)Martian

True story:  The morning after we watched that episode, I saw a report on the local news.  This is the text I immediately sent He-Man:


7.  ‘Blink’ is one of the scariest things you will ever see.  It ruined my ability to sleep for at least a week.
Weeping AngelI seriously want to throw up right now.

Side note:  If, by any chance, your significant other chooses to make you watch this episode late at night AND THEN makes the very poor choice to lurk in a darkened corner and wait for you as you are turning the house off for the night, it is perfectly acceptable to nail him in the bread basket and make him sleep on the couch…just sayin’.

6.  You will hate Doctor Destro…until you love him.  He’s kinda a spazz in the most adorable way possible.  When Doctor Barty comes along your heart will be broken for the brotherly/sisterly bond he had with Rose…until you realize you want him to end up with Ms. Tyler and grow old with her after making a million cute little Doctor Tyler babies, which is a little weird since he’s all immortal and stuff.  It makes for a very awkward DTR (define the relationship).  Of course, this makes you positively loathe Bowtie Doctor…until you love him and feel really guilty for betraying Doctor Barty.  (Does anyone else feel like a schizophrenic fan?)

5.  The Face of Boe is ridiculously awesome.  BEST. CHARACTER. EVER.  If you want to sob like an everloving baby, follow his storyline.


4.  Believe it or not, there are fates more mortifying than being offed by Tom Riddle in the girl’s bathroom.  Unfortunately, it appears they only happen to Moaning Myrtle.

Moaning MyrtleMyrtle: Bringing back disembodiment in a big way.

3.  You are what you eat.  That is, until it decides to amputate itself from your person and seek adventure elsewhere, reducing you to a puddle on your bathroom floor.


2.  Riversong:  Doing her part to make being curvy and curly haired really, REALLY cool.

RiversongThe rest of us thank you.

August 2012 Photo Shoot #32

1.  OH, For the love of Pete!  DO.  NOT.  BLINK.



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