Memory Monday: Dead Animals, Placenta and Curse Words, Oh My!!

So…this post may have a bit of a ‘gross-out’ factor.

I recently had an opportunity to visit a home from my childhood.  It was a little bit surreal and a whole lot smaller than I remember it.

It was from a time when my Daddy was working 3 jobs and putting himself through a master’s program at USU.  One of those jobs was at Winchell’s donuts.  He often brought home day old donuts for breakfast.  That’s when I made the discovery that any food stuffed with cream was a contender for the world’s best.

ugly wallpaper

There were 3 of us kids when we moved in.  I have a very distinct memory of walking into the living room for the very first time and feasting my eyes upon a wall very similar to the one in this photo (compliments of

It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  I spent at least two days gazing at it, wishing it would come alive and I could be the fairy who lived in such an enchanted place.

Until I saw Voltron.  That is when I decided forests were boring and I would much rather be the pink girl.  She was cool.



It was the home where we heard the first cries of our first baby brother and the first time I had to ever share a room.  It had bright blood-red carpet, textured with flowers.  It was awesome.

After my brother was born, my parents had a special ceremony where we dressed like storks, had a fire dance, buried his placenta and planted a tree on top of it.  Just kidding…about the dressing like storks and the fire dance NOT about the placenta and the tree.  By the time we visited someone chopped down the placenta tree.  What kind of a person does that?!

Awww look, Ma!  It's our very own Giving Tree!  Except, I don't remember Shel Silverstein ever saying anything about the tree offering the boy her placenta.

Awww look, Ma! It’s our very own Giving Tree! Except, I don’t remember Shel Silverstein ever saying anything about the tree offering the boy her placenta.

It was nice to see the old barn across the street still operation.  I was convinced it was haunted by all the dead animals the neighbor boy, Travis, use to dig up in his grandma’s backyard around the corner.

And then there was Ellis Elementary.DSC02891I learned a lot there:  Never take your shoes off your stocking feet during a January fire drill.  Any grown-up who offers you their left over pennies at the penny-candy store wants to kidnap you and eat your kidney (THANKS, Flash and Captain America!).  Beautiful Cinderella dresses are not compatible with kissing tag.  AND every single swear word you will ever need to know can be found on the sidewalk segments, scrawled in chalk…until it rains or worse, mom finds them.

Of course, it’s a baffling mystery that I survived childhood here at all.  Really, I should have caught the bubonic plague considering I distinctly remember pulling a great big wad of pink gum off the stair rail of this church and putting it in my mouth.

DSC02889And yes, it was still wet.

Oh the joys of going home!

Happy Memory Monday, everyone!


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