Friday Favorites, 5/24/13: Hi-Chew

Years ago, after they married me off, my parents and baby brothers moved to Japan.  They would come back to the states periodically for visits but ended up spending the better part of a decade over there and LOVED it.

Within a year of their return, my brother, Captain America, and his family moved there to take my parents’ place.  They loved it too.

The general consensus of our globetrotting family members is that the Japanese people are beautiful, warm people.  The food was amazing and the beachy, tropical climate, nearly perfect.

One of the amazing treasures they often shared with us on their return voyages was a candy none of us had ever experienced.  With a rice base, Hi-Chew is a Starburst-like candy that seriously kicks actual Starburst’s sorry butt.  As an added bonus, and I might be a little maniacal about this, it uses plant based coloring rather than artificial colors.  Hi-Chew are becoming more popular within the country but you can only get a few flavors here.  Overseas, there are more exotic flavors available.

AND we have some FABULOUS friends living there who just sent us some!  These treats are too good not to share so who wants some?!  I’ve got a white soda flavor and a cola flavor.



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5 Responses to Friday Favorites, 5/24/13: Hi-Chew

  1. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE hi-chews!!! DELICIOUS!!

  2. CouchBear says:

    Huh. And here I thought Hi-Chew was a Japanese poem with 17 syllables!

  3. dherrmann says:

    We are on our second giant bag from Costco. Grape and green apple our my favorites. But to know that cola and other exotic flavors are out there. Holy cow! Hopefully they will make their way to our country soon.

  4. Erin says:

    Hm, never tried them, but you know I’m totally on board with the no-artificial-colors thing!

  5. Kelley says:

    I have a friend who used to do a lot of traveling to Asia, and would stuff her suitcase full of them every time she came home. I had never tasted them until a year or so ago when I found some at an Asian market, and then again recently when I was in Utah for a doTERRA retreat. I brought some home to enjoy later, but my kids found them and scarfed up my stash. They are yummy!

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