31 Days Where YOU Are: Days 24 and 25

Day: 24 Find a spot where you can be alone in nature and SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!

It’s been years since I’ve screamed like a little girl. My throat is a little scratchy tonight because of it. BUT, how refreshing it was to do this!

Day 25: Trade your phone for a camera. Turn off the TV, unplug and do something completely spontaneous.

Tonight, we went on a moonlit walk with the girls. It was wonderful! Really, if ever there was a ‘best’ time to leave Neverland, it would be after the month of October. The bugs are gone. The nighttime weather is nice and it’s still early enough in the years to hear the sounds of crickets and marsh frogs.


About T.D.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere. I hope you like it here. This blog is where I ramble about the hats I wear (wife, mother, author, educator, etc) and everything in between. A wise man once said 'Happiness is a habit; cultivate it'. Here on this blog, I intend to do just that.
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