31 Days Where YOU Are: Memory Monday Preempted..

It was a glorious day.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Breezy…just right.

Running across the little bridge by my home, the water was smooth and glassy.  It reminded me of why I love running in my neighborhood where the trees tower over the houses and drip with Spanish Moss.  It took me back to the first time I saw the mossy lushness of Neverland, ironically almost exactly three years ago.  Then it made me profoundly sad.  It nearly made me stop in my tracks because it dawned on me:

In less than two months, we are moving away.

You see, He-Man is working for the United States military in an alternative field of medicine.  It’s an interesting spot to be in really, under appreciated and often unrecognized by the right and unsupported and underutilized by the left.

Let me explain.

When a conservative leaning leadership is in control, historically extra resources are allocated for pro-military programs.  BUT they don’t often take kindly to more alternative methods of healing.

Fair enough.

Then, when a liberal leaning leadership is in control, again speaking historically of course, they’re often champions of alternative healthcare options.  BUT more often than not, pro-military programs are some of the first to be cut for other financial focuses.

Which leaves us right here, where we are.  Several months ago, He-Man was informed that his five year contract was ending two years early because the military needed the funds elsewhere. Gratefully, his commanding officers contested the decision TWICE.  (It may not have changed anything other than letting He-Man know how valued he is in his clinic.)

We got the final word about a week ago.  It wasn’t a terrible shock but that hasn’t stopped me from unpredictable bouts of crying.

My run almost became one of those moments when I was weighed down by the prospect of unemployment, the financial tedium of moving and insecurity of not knowing what’s next.
But then it hit me:

I might be moving away from my beautiful Neverland…BUT I LIVE IN NEVERLAND RIGHT NOW!

It got me thinking.  I’ve got the whole month of October before I really need to get serious about packing, so why not make the very most out of my last full month here?

So that is what I intend to do.  I’ve constructed a list of 1 thing to do to enhance each day during the month.  And since we are currently wading in the vitriol of an extremely contentious presidential race, I’ve thrown in a few things to lighten the burden of worry and animosity in respect to the election.  My blog posts in October will be devoted to a photo journal of this adventure.

But it doesn’t end there.  This list could easily be done anywhere.  So here’s my challenge to you, dear Reader, join me in October!  Let’s make the very most of 31 Days Where YOU Are.

Here’s the Sitch:

10/1/12:  Reaffirm a local friendship.

10/2/12:  Practice ‘Earthing’ for ten minutes in a place you frequent.  (see http://www.earthing.com)

10/3/12:  In preparation for the upcoming election, write a list of policies you agree with your candidate on…but you’re not done.  Then, write about what you are doing to proactively support these policies.

10/4/12:  Patronize a local ‘Mom and Pop’ shop.

10/5/12:  Tell 10 people you love them.  (one at a time)  If possible, do it while making eye contact.

10/6/12: You know how you’ve got this song…the one that could be your anthem?  Pick a new one.  Kick of your shoes where ever you are and dance to it.  You get a bonus if someone dips you at the end.

10/7/12:  Explore a local haunt and discover something new.

10/8/12:  Open the windows, crank up a song from your childhood and dance like a freak.  Create a new memory.

10/9/12:  Visit a local cemetery and place flowers on some of the graves.

10/10/12: Pick out your favorite house in the area.  You know, the one that every time you pass, you tell people how much you love it.  Take a picture of it.  Bonus if you knock on the door and meet the people inside.

10/11/12:  Make something with your own two hands and give it to someone in your neighborhood.  Bonus if you hate that person.  Minus a million points if your spit on it.

10/12/12:  Take a picture of the top ten things you love about where you live.

10/13/12:  Go somewhere public, make eye contact with the people there and SMILE…not like a creepy, I’m-going-to-steal-your-underwear kind of smile…a good, you-are-loved smile.

10/14/12:  Do something ridiculous.  Clothing optional (Just don’t show me a picture)

10/15/12:  Observe something in nature previously under appreciated.  (Anyone who can do this with fire ants, mosquitoes or cockroaches is a saint!)

10/16/12: Talk to someone who can extoll the virtues of each of the presidential candidates.  That way, whether or not your candidate is the victor, you can recognize, then empathize with those who will be devastated by the coming election’s results.

10/17/12:  Find a local dessert shop.  Eat dessert for dinner.

10/18/12:  Spend time with someone from an older generation.

10/19/12:  Experience a sunrise or a sunset.  You pick.

10/20/12:  Look up the history of where you are.  Find a spot you are curious about and go there.  Take a picture.

10/21/12:  Find a very quiet spot, preferably in nature. Pray to God or your Higher Power, saying ‘thank you’ for everything you can think of.  Don’t ask for anything.

10/22/12:  Pick an item from your bucket list.  Cross it off by DOING IT. Don’t have a bucket list?  Make one TODAY!

10/23/12: Finish a project you’ve put on the back burner.

10/24/12: Find a spot where you can be alone in nature and SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!

10/25/12:  Trade your phone for a camera.  Turn off the TV, unplug and do something completely spontaneous.

10/26/12:  Find someone with a campaign bumper sticker or lawn sign from an opposing candidate and write them a nice (really and truly nice) note of encouragement.  Even if you’d rather gouge your own eyeballs out, leave it for them to read…it’ll hurt much less.  I promise.

10/27/12:  Go to a local library, pick out a book and sit for a while as you read it.

10/28/12:  Do something you keep daring yourself to do.  Do it boldly…just don’t break anything or get arrested.

10/29/12:  Kiss someone under the light of the full moon.  Bonus if you dance afterward. (Yes, I checked.  This is the night of the full moon)

10/30/12:  Go out in public and look for someone you can help.  Whether it’s returning a shopping cart or helping someone load their groceries, buying flowers and watching for the person who needs them the most, whatever comes to mind.

10/31/12:  Write and send a love letter, whether it be platonic, sexy, silly, whatever. There’s all sorts of love and a lot of people who need it.

So there you have it.  Wanna join me?  I’ve created a Facebook page for posting your thoughts, pics and videos.

You’ve got a week.




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